10 Things You Should Not Miss in Pennsylvania

Thinking of moving to Pennsylvania and raring to know more about your future home state? Or are you just interested in exploring the Keystone State’s many attractions?

Here are 10 attractions you shouldn’t miss!

1. Feel patriotic atIndependence National Park

No one visits a state steeped in history without checking out its historic must-sees. In Pennsylvania, that would include the 55-acre Independence National Historic Park, site of the Old City Hall, Carpenter’s Hall, and Congress Hall, as well as the iconic Liberty Bell.

2. Discover more than history in Gettysburg

It’s hard to pick just one place in Gettysburg to include in this list, so why not just check out the whole area? Spend an entire day or a whole weekend in this historical town by visiting everything from the Gettysburg National Military Park to the Eisenhower National Historic Site. And then head to Gettysburg’s great outdoors where you can hike, camp, bike, tee off, or explore the sights on a Segway!

3. Make a spook-taculartime of it at Eastern State Penitentiary

Tour the first modern prison in the world, for which the term “penitentiary” was created. Opened in 1829 and closed in 1971, the prison housed some of the most high-profile criminals, like mob boss Al Capone and bank robber Willie Sutton. Today, horror-themed tours are available, where the imposing prison’s deserted halls are said to echo with the footsteps and cries of dead inmates when night falls.

4. Be awed by the Pennsylvania State Capitol

Loosely inspired by the Paris Grand Opera House, the Pennsylvania State Capitol is considered one of the finest pieces of architecture in the country. This Harrisburg treasure was built in 1906 and is a popular site among fans of architecture and interior design.

5. Scream your lungs out at Hersheypark

The town of Hershey is closely associated with chocolate as it is the home of the chocolate company founded by Milton Hershey. Hersheypark’s 90-acre grounds are filled with a variety of fun attractions and rides, from roller coasters to water rides.

6. Gawk at the awesome art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

An iconic Philadelphia landmark, the city’s Museum of Art is home to one of the country’s largest collections of art from every corner of the world. Time travel as you’re transported to 15th century Japan, before finding yourself in ancient India, and then the 20th century via the art of Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali among other modern masters.

7. Immerse yourself in iconic pop art at the Andy Warhol Museum

Who knew that the world’s most famous pop artist was a native of Pittsburgh? The museum is dedicated to the artist behind the famous Campbell’s Soup Cans and silkscreen “paintings” of pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe. It’s the second largest museum in the US dedicated to a single artist, and is housed in a former warehouse with 17 galleries and thousands of art pieces including prints, sculpture, videos, photos, commercial illustrations, and works on paper.

8. Take the family on a tour of Valley Forge National Park

Valley Forge served as the site of the Continental Army’s winter encampment from 1777 to 1778. The National Park dedicated to this significant historical period is a haven of activities suitable for the entire family, featuring trolley tours, trails and bike paths, bird watching, fun runs, and more.

9. Watch tigers roam on overhead catwalks at the Philadelphia Zoo

America’s first zoo, which opened in 1874, has one special feature missing from other zoos of its kind: animal exploration trails called Zoo360. You can watch apes, tigers, lemurs, and squirrel monkeys make their way across three see-through mesh trails that pass through areas where visitors gather or stroll by. Animals are free to visit one another’s habitats with similar environments, allowing them more room to roam.

10. Get a dose of Amish culture in Strasburg

Experience the best of Lancaster County in Strasburg and get a dose of Amish culture and railroad history. Other things to see, do, and experience in this small town include: a 45-minute train ride on the famous Strasburg Rail Road, a theatrical performance at the Sight and Sound Theater, and a miniature horse farm that kids will get a kick out of!