Salisbury PA Real Estate – Homes for Sale in Salisbury PA

Just a little beyond Allentown’s south and southeastern borders, you’ll find the township of Salisbury. It sprawls over an area of 12 miles with Bethlehem, Center Valley, and Emmaus as its neighbors.

The 13,400 people who live in Salisbury appreciate the town’s easy access to everything they need – without having to endure the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Salisbury is named after the great cathedral city of Salisbury in Wiltshire, England. It was originally part of Pequea Township and then became a sanctuary for families when religious persecution was rife in Europe. Its fertile grounds spawned many farming businesses. Today, Salisbury is primarilya residential enclave rich in history, natural beauty, and rural charm.

Points of Interest

  • Robert Rodale Reserve – Named after the late Robert Rodale, an advocate of organic farming, the reserve is one of the most important areas in Lehigh Valley. It has a unique geological makeup, abundant flora and fauna, as well as wetland forests. The Reserve is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, particularly hikers, mountain bikers, and bird watchers. The 340-acre South Mountain Preserve is located within Robert Rodale Reserve’s expansive, 750-acre grounds.
  • Lehigh Mountain Uplands Preserve – Explore Lehigh Valley’s great outdoors in Lehigh Uplands Preserve. Its extensive grounds, which cover more than 300 acres, feature more than 10 miles of hiking and single-track bike-riding trails. From wet trails blanketed with tree trunks to steep and rocky paths, the Uplands Preserve is sure to get any mountain biker’s blood pumping.

Salisbury PA Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Several nature reserves are located in Salisbury, providing a lush, natural setting for those interested in purchasing a home in the township. Most of the homes in this scenic enclave are:

  • Single-family residences
  • Parcels of land, perfect for those who want to build the home of theirdreams